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Sarah Hutton, RMT

Sarah graduated with honours and an award for "Excellence in clinical practice", from the International Academy of Massage in 2020.


She is passionate about health and healing. 

She believes in assisting the body to follow it's own natural healing rhythm by helping the nervous system relax and soothing the tissues directly through massage.


While encouraging the use of the breath & relaxation to release tension, Sarah also targets any issues directly with advanced techniques such as trigger point release for irritable knots in the muscles, myofascial work to realign connective tissue, gentle joint mobilizations to improve joint health and movement, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation to help lengthen and realign tissues to improve flexibility and ease of movement. 


As we are all unique, Sarah will work with you to find what suits you best and assist you with suggestions for homecare exercises that may expedite the healing process.


In her spare time, Sarah enjoys bicycling beautiful Ottawa with her partner, camping and crafting.  And of course cuddling with her two cats! 

Sarah Hutton | RMT Ottawa
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