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About Poised Massage Therapy

Poised Massage Therapy, an RMT owned and operated clinic, is located in the heart of Westboro. We have been consistently growing since our opening in 2014 and pride ourselves on providing an environment of wellness and relaxation. Our focus is to provide a diverse range of treatment options to effectively help our clients in a natural approach to healing.  


Massage Therapy is effective in the treatment of:

-Arthritis/ bursitis/ tendonitis

-Back and neck pain

-TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint) Dysfunction

-Fibromyalgia/ chronic stress

-Constipation/menstrual disorders

-Headache/ migraine

-Muscle strains/ sprains/ spasms

-Neuritis/ neuralgia/ sciatica

-Post-surgical rehabilitation


-Respiratory conditions

-Sports injuries/ dislocations

-Temporo mandibular joint (TMJ) pain



-General wellness


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